N95 Mask Manufacturers & Suppliers

N95 Mouth Mask

  • Standard GB2626-2006
  • Filter efficiency >=95%
  • Total inward leakage <=11%
  • Inspiratory resistance <=350 Pa
  • Expiratory resistance <=250 Pa

Our Advantages

  1. Multi-layer design
  2. Breathable and comfortable
  3. Portable and fordable
  4. Anti coronavirus mask

How to wear

Wearing a mask correctly could effectively filiter out harmful particles

Open the mask fully and face the side without nose strip of the mask,hold one ear loop in each hand.
Hold the mask against your chin and place the nose strip on the top of the mask.
After straightening the ear loop, adjust it until you feel as comfortable as possible.
Place the fingers of both hands in the middle of the metal nose strip and press inwards as you move along the nose strip to the sides. Using only one hand to hold the nose strip may affect the mask protection effect.
Check for proper wear: press the mask lightly with both hands and breathe deliberately. Air should not leak from the edge of the mask.

Production Description

Product Antivirus mask N95 mask
Material PP nonwoven, activated carbon layer, melt blown filter, soft cotton, PP nonwoven
Size 10.5×15.5cm or customized
Colour white/gray/ black /
Certificate GMP, CE, FDA, GAAFS
Standard GB2626-2006
ISO 9001:2015 International Quality
MOQ 1000pcs

Daily Hygiene Protection

Stay away from harmful and pathogenic particles


Anti-virus and Anti-Bacteria

N95 mask prevents droplets infection caused by patients of bodily fluids of blood. The droplets are 1 to 5 micrins in diameter and can be effectively filtered out by the N95 mask.

Anti-smong Mask PM2.5

Smong may contain some disease causing particles. Wearing a mask could effectively prevent harmful particles from entering the body.

Prevent Dust and Cement Dust

The particle of dust is small and with high dispersion, Which is greatly harmful to is people’s health. When the dustconcentration is high, people are supposedto wearthe masks to effectively prevent harm.

Intimate and Humanized Design


Tight Compression

Closer together, Safer Protection
Fine cutting and tight compression edge, to fully filter the virus outside in each breathing and keep a safer protection.

Adjustable Nose Bridge Strip

Better Face fitting,Better safe protecting
Adjustable high flexible bridge strip to fully fit different face shapes,While ensuring a three-dimensional breathing environment and enough breathing space.

Elastic Ear-Loop

Appropriate pulling force to earsmakes the wearing more comfortable
The ear strip is made of elastic skin-friendly fabric,Which is still comfortable and soft touching after a long time wearing. With resilient elasticity and tensile strength, suitable for different head shape dimensions.